We Can Help With Your Next License.

Let Oedipus handle your petitioning needs for your future liquor or marijuana license to help save you time and effort in the application process.

Have you recently filed a liquor or marijuana license application? Are you now on the clock to acquire petition evidence? Get started with us to schedule a survey of your neighborhood today and we'll take it from there!


Step One: after you retain Oedipus for a survey of your neighborhood, we will start be ensuring that your local licensing agency has provided you with a designated area. If you are in a jurisdiction that requires you to attend a hearing to set a designated area, we can appear on your behalf and have it set for you. This designated area represents the geographic space of where we can obtain signatures for your application from residents and businesses.
Step Two: after we receive your designated area, our team will hit the streets within it to acquire signatures from residents and businesses. We will then take those signatures and package them into an easily-readable report, which will be submitted to your local licensing agency for approval. If you are in a jurisdiction that requires a public hearing (most jurisdictions do), one of Oedipus's owners will personally appear at the hearing in favor of your application and testify about the petitioning methodology, as well as the results of the report.

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