We Make Things Simple.

Who are we? We are experienced professionals in Colorado's liquor and marijuana licensing industry who are dedicated to making either process easy for you.

Our Purpose. Our purpose is straightforward: to simplify the petitioning requirements associated with your local licensing agency's liquor or marijuana license applications. We understand that you, as a business owner or operator, do not have the time in your busy schedule to survey your own neighborhood for petition signatures, which is why we will handle the process for an affordable, one-time price. Put simply, let us do the heavy lifting associated with your petitioning requirements so that you can get back to running your operation!

Our Story. Daniel DeLay and Austin Gemmell are the owners and operators of Oedipus Petitioning. Daniel and Austin met in law school at the University of Denver and soon became close friends. Even after law school, they ended up as lawyers at the same firm, where they have regularly represented restaurants, retailers, and similar businesses in various public hearings throughout the state, such as new application hearings, disciplinary hearings, and contested renewal hearings. Daniel and Austin are now using their accumulated experience to provide quality petitioning services for applicants given their passion for working in the hospitality industry, as well as their love for patronizing the local cuisine and venues of many of their customers.

Daniel and Austin, however, were not alone in starting Oedipus Petitioning. They inherited these petitioning services from Oedipus, Inc., which is owned and operated by Max and Tina Scott. For the past 40 years, Max and Tina have been pioneers in Colorado's licensing industry and have grown their business into a household name among licensing agencies, licensing professionals, and several franchise restaurants, retailers, and similar businesses. Daniel and Austin now carry Max and Tina's legacy with their training and expertise in the petitioning process for liquor and marijuana applications. So, when you choose Oedipus for your petitioning services, you can rest assured that you're receiving top quality services from trained professionals in the industry.

Daniel DeLay
Austin Gemmell