Affordable prices tailored to you.

At Oedipus, we understand that your new business or establishment may be in its growing stages, which is why we offer one-time, affordable prices to accommodate your best interest.

Description of Services for a Petition Survey:

We will create a flat-fee price for you based on your circumstances, which will represent our efforts to achieve a comprehensive survey of your neighborhood to help you easily satisfy your statutory burden for a new liquor or marijuana license. Please see the important note at the bottom, however, on factors that may affect your price. Your price will include the following items:
Comprehensive survey of your neighborhood
Petition report, which includes signature results and an analysis of the same
Attendance and testimony at a public hearing, if necessary
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Important Note: Please be aware that the general flat-fee price is subject to change based on certain factors, such as when the survey needs to be completed (i.e. a rush job), where the survey needs to be completed, and other jurisdictional requirements that may require increased expenses. Please also be aware that marijuana licenses are subject to a higher flat-fee price.